Posted by Yvette Hohler on Jan 12, 2021
Today, Rob presided over our hybrid meeting from Cafe Spiga, with 5 people attending in-person and 13 via Zoom.  In addition to our members, Rob welcomed as our guests Robert Cassagne, Ass't. Principal at Comsewogue HS, Natalie Rodriguez, our newest Most Motivated Student of the Month, and Mr. and Mrs. Marlon Rodriguez, her proud parents.
Rob announced that Sal and Bob H. were going to obtain tomorrow 5,000 masks from the District so that we can take part in Rotary's Million Mask Challenge.  You are invited to collect from them a bunch of these masks to distribute at work and/or within the community.  Let Bob or Sal know how many you need, arrange for their pick up, and distribute them to people with whom you are in contact.  As of today, we're told that 39 clubs will be distributing over 330,000 masks this coming week, from Brooklyn to Greenport.  Join Rotary in taking this simple step to protect the community from Covid-19!
Mike S. reported that our next fundraiser will be known as the PJ Rotary Spring Classic Golf Outing.  Danford's is offering dates and tents in May (or June).  Perhaps this year's popular event can be held entirely outside.  Mike will certainly welcome more members to the Golf Outing Committee which is planning the activity.  The more the merrier (and the most successful.)
Sal was today's Sergeant, and he taught us some good stuff and also raised a good bit of money in fines and donations.  
Jen introduced us to Robert Cassagne ("pronounced like champagne"), Ass't. Principal at Comsewogue H.S., who, in turn, introduced us to this month's Most Motivated Student, Natalie Rodriguez.  He admitted that he had not met the youngster until today, but upon looking up her credentials, reading the comments made about her by the faculty and staff who chose her, and then meeting briefly in his office with her, he declared that he thoroughly approved of her for today's honor. The school has its own Student of the Month Award, and Natalie was chosen from among the candidates for their award.  Why was she chosen? Natalie is a superb student academically, having a GPA in the high 90's. She loves and excels in art.  She is also a musician.  Natalie is described by those who know her as "the nicest kid", who possesses a positive attitude that is contagious.  Natalie wants to eventually be a Veterinarian.  Congratulations, Natalie! (And Bravo, Mr. & Mrs. Rodriguez for raising such a gem!)
Also, kudos to Al, who will be getting his 2nd anti-Covid inoculation imminently.
Get well soon, Judi!  We miss you.
NEXT MEETING:  TUESDAY, JANUARY 19th, 2021.  Our Guest Speaker will be our own Archana Gautam, who will make the Donations Committee presentation to our members. 
The following week, Jan. 26th, our Guest Speaker will be Kimberly Zettwoch, PJ Librarian.
You are welcome to join the Donations Committee Meeting on Friday, Jan. 15th, at Panera Bread at 8 AM.
You are also invited to attend the next Executive Board Meeting -on Friday,Jan. 22nd, at   8 AM via Zoom.
In 2020, our members contributed more than $11,475 in cash, gift cards, and goods to the Open Cupboard.  Looking forward to your continued generosity in 2021!
You are invited to become a member of the Port Jeff Village Community Garden Committee, which has already met once and is in its planning stages for the village's first such project to be achieved on village parkland in upper Port. The garden is expected to elevate the sense of place for residents and visitors, and will undoubtedly be supported by the local business community.  The garden will provide a space for residents to grow their own local produce.  The Community Garden Committee, which already includes some of our club members- Sal & Rebecca- is seeking members with experience related to gardening, who have an interest in community outreach, nutrition, and food security, who can attend 2-3 online meetings per month (approx. 1 hour each) and occasional on-site meetings, who can perform independent tasks/research/outreach between meetings (approx. 2 hours per week), and who are able to commit to at least 1 year on the committee.  Interested?  contact .
Rebecca has invited us to get acquainted with Hometown Hope provides resources and support in times of need to all residents of PJ Village by promoting a movement of spreading kindness. It "strives to uplift through wellness, resilience, and compassionate understanding in our community."  Among services/goods it will provide: meal boxes; home deliveries; and the like for those suffering illness,loss,etc., as well as help for healthcare practitioners during the pandemic. You can also sponsor a family. 
Want to volunteer? Contact .
  FYI: Since our club is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, we can go to that office for free masks and thermometers.
***If you have ideas or items to be discussed at our next meeting, let Rob know.  And if you'd like to join one of the club's special committees, let him know this, as well. The more, the merrier!***
         *** Watch for Rob's invitation to our next meeting and plan to join us!***                                                   
                                  MEANWHILE, STAY SAFE AND WELL!