Posted by Yvette Hohler on Jun 30, 2020
Today was a special meeting in a number of ways: we met "live" for the first time since March; we got to enjoy the camaraderie in a beautiful venue- Al's fabled barn and the lawn beyond; this was Paul's last meeting as Club President (Rob Dooley will preside beginning next week); and Paul inducted Dawn Friedland-Perez Marder and Rob Marder as our newest Port Jeff Rotarians, under Judi's sponsorship and guidance.  We thanked Paul for his year of excellent service, and he thanked Al for his generous offer to host us carefully in this time of Covid-19
While attendees snacked on light pre-packaged provisions and beverages, Paul introduced Dawn and Rob and then called for news to share. 
Rebecca's volunteer group managed to collect 2400 food items, much of which was donated to L.I. Cares.  The remaining goods were dropped at The Open Cupboard.
Eric was delighted to announce that his daughter became engaged to Paul Capobianco, former club member Peter's son.
Sharon and Joan spoke about the committee's preparations for the September 17th Past Presidents' Dinner.  Due to the pandemic, most local catering places seem to be unable to definitely commit to hosting us.  The committee will try to make a final decision soon as to the venue for this important event.  Among possibilities offered: a break from the usual formal dinner setting and consideration of a less formal, more family-oriented luncheon- perhaps a BBQ.  Al offered the use of his property, which he explained could include a tent or tents for safe spacing of attendees.  Rob assured us that a venue choice would be made very soon.
Michael Sceiford announced that a client from the east end who is a good friend of Rotary has made a large anonymous donation to our club.
Jen reminded members of the need to pick up from her and then sell our Raffle Tickets. We can also arrange to collect extra ones from her as needed.
Following the announcements, we trouped into the barn for the Induction Ceremony.
 NEWS & INFORMATION HIGHLIGHTS:  Our members continue to generously donate towards baskets of food for needy families and to send checks to buy super market gift cards for clients of The Open Cupboard.  At today's meeting, a number of our members made special cash donations to the pantry.  Know that contributions are always welcome.  Contact Bob for more info. Please note the new Open Cupboard Food Needs List on this site. ***The *RAFFLE TICKETS* are still being distributed!  Jen asks that you help arrange for delivery of your bundle (25 tickets per person to be sold- more tickets available, as needed)  Time to get into tickets-selling mode, folks!!!  Our community depends on YOUR success!***   Remember to check out our Events Calendar for upcoming Rotary activities open to all members.
***If you have ideas or items to be discussed at our next meeting, let Rob know.  And if you'd like to join one of the club's special committees, let him know this, as well. The more, the merrier!***
         *** Watch for Rob's invitation to our next meeting and plan to join us!***                                                   
                                          MEANWHILE, STAY SAFE!